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Can Boris Johnson be both Indophile and Sinophile?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously ...

By Gray Sergeant

To meet this challenge a multilateral approach should also be pursued. The UK's decision to invite India, alongside South Korea and Australia, to this year's G7 summit is a positive step forward. Pushback against the idea of turning this G7+3 into a more permanent Democratic 10 (D10), purportedly from Europeans concerned about appearing anti-China, should be resisted. Furthermore, both countries should explore how they can increase each other's involvement within existing bodies, whether that be India in the Five Eye intelligence alliance or the UK in the Quadrilateral security dialogues.

The increasing recognition, amongst Britain and India's politicians and public, of the challenges posed by China is something which can only enhance the case for a stronger partnership between both countries.

—Gray Sergeant is a London-based Research Fellow.