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India’s quiet but deep economic inroads in Africa

India has quietly upped its game in Africa ...

By MahuaVenkatesh

Africa, rich in natural resources such as minerals, also has 40 per cent of the world’s potential hydroelectric power and a large swathe of untilled farmland. “Africa’s importance will only grow in the coming years and India, which has already expanded its engagements in the continent, must continue to do so with a more focused strategy amid the changing global political order,” a member of an industry body who deals with Africa told India Narrative. Agriculture is one area of investment that India must look at, said another analyst. According to the Diplomat, Africa, as a continent of increasing importance to both China and India, stands to see another manifestation of this competition.

The Diplomat further said that India can compete with China in two ways, by working to enable greater African agency and also pursue its interests, and it can also leverage the long standing and well-integrated diaspora. “This can enable India to chart its own course between the United States, the European Union, and China, in Africa,” it said. Africa is home to more than three million people of Indian origin. The Asia Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) that was initiated by India and Japan jointly could now once get much needed fillip. “India and Japan need to move fast on this. Until now there has been negligible progress on this mega project. The governments of the two countries must get the project started at the earliest,” the analyst said.

As the geopolitical thrust shifts towards the Indo Pacific and Africa, the Group of Seven nations in its just concluded meeting said that collaboration with the continent will increase. “We resolve to collaborate with partners around the world, including in the Indo-Pacific and Africa, to actively promote these shared values for the good of all,” the statement issued at the end of the summit said.

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