In a first of its kind initiative, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ...

Manufacturing in the country has increased manifold and that has to be qualitatively competitive. Second, The problems of transport, logistics should be removed for that centre, states and private stakeholders will have to work continuously. Third, The government should walk shoulder to shoulder with the exporters and, finally, the international market for Indian products needs to be expanded. He said only when these four factors are synergized, India will be able to achieve the goal of Make in India for the world in a better way.

The Prime Minister said today, the government in the country, in the states is moving forward, understanding the needs of the business world. He listed the initiatives of the Government to boost MSMEs like many relaxations given in compliances under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and provision of Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme of Rs 3 lakh crore. He also noted that the Production Linked Incentive Scheme will not only help in increasing the scale of our manufacturing but also increase the level of global quality and efficiency. This will develop a new ecosystem of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The country will get new Global Champions in Manufacturing and Export. He elaborated how Production Linked Incentives helped to strengthen the mobile phone manufacturing sector. The mobile phone sector, we are also experiencing its impact. 7 years ago, we used to import mobile phones worth about $ 8 billion. Now, it has come down to $ 2 billion. 7 years ago, India used to export mobile phones worth only $ 0.3 billion. Now it has increased to more than 3 billion dollars.