By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

Often you will hear people saying that they can feel the pain of the other. Think about it. Can you really feel someone else’s pain? You may be grieved by their pain and feel sad for them, but can you feel their pain? No. Your pain is your own and someone else’s pain is his/her own, but someone else’s grief becomes yours when you connect with them emotionally.

Both pain and grief cause suffering and amount to cancelling out your negative karmas. While the origin of pain is within you, the source of grief is usually someone else. People tell me that pain is better than grief since it can be cured by medicines while grief takes a long time to heal, and sometimes may leave a permanent scar. You will be surprised to know, it is actually the opposite. It is very simple to get out of grief. Pain, on the other hand, has to be endured. It is a misconception that medicines cure your pain, there have been enough studies on medicine and their mechanism to show that in the long run medicine causes more harm than good.

We relate to our body as the different body parts that are visible to us but hardly anyone is aware of that which runs the body that you see, it is only a select few who with regular practice of Sanatan Kriya and Ashtang Yog are able to develop the senses to see the etheric body and energy centers. The source of grief is outside your body, it relates to the emotional center, the solar plexus, located between the navel and chest region.  This center forms emotional connections with the people you meet through the day in the form of narrow tubes. You must have observed that if you see an accident on the road or visit someone in the hospital, you feel low…it is simply their grief being transmitted to you through the connections you form with them. It is ironic that those who give emotional counseling are the ones who are most troubled emotionally, because they are constantly forming connections with aggrieved individuals who pass on their grief to them. To get out of grief all you need to do is cut connections with the person who is the source of your grief and visualize him/her going away from you. Your grief will disappear in a matter of a few minutes.


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