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“She’s sunshine but there’s sadness in her”

By Durga Chakravarty

“That was one of her biggest sensitive points that what happened to her was not fair and which world she had to enter is not fair but the beauty is what she does with that anger... She has it in her body and soul but how does she turn it around.”

So how would you describe Gangubai? “She is sunshine but there is sadness in her that is emotionally do what she did... “ The 28-year-old actress added: “Her picture was on every girl’s wall in Kamathipura for 50 years. That was the impact she had for women so put yourself out for other people and not really be there for yourself that is another weight to carry. Even when I was dancing, walking or laughing... Sanjay sir said ‘weight’. ‘Weight’ doesn’t mean physical weight... It means in the heart and head and that’s what translates hopefully on the screen. Asked how much is too much an actor to invest in intense roles, Alia, who has given power-packed performances in films such as ‘Highway’, ‘Raazi’ and ‘Udta Punjab’ to name a few, said: “Well, it depends in your personality I am that kind of a person where I will give everything.”

“That’s how I think sir and I connected. I kind of feel we had a soul connection by the end of it. We are both number 6... I could hear him without him saying things to me.. That’s the kind of connection we have formed and I have seen how he gives everything.” Alia added: “He does not even rest even when his back was hurting he would be standing in pain and would not let his crew down. It is a very soldier-like attitude. You have to soldier on and there is no excuse. So, I am that kind of person and so is sir.”   

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