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Gulshhan Suman has released four albums of Ghazals, Bhajans and soulful Sufi Songs, rendered with a unique blend of Indian and Western Music. He passionately shares his mesmerizing and wonderful musical journey down memory lane with India Empire Consulting Editor Yogesh Sood

  • Mr Gulshhan Suman

Gulshhan says; Music is the language of the soul and it touches us emotionally in ways that words cannot. It is the universal language of love, harmony, and togetherness; and that’s why it strikes a common bond of oneness. That’s why singers and composers share a common bond; that is a passion for music. Even though one cannot understand the words or notes, effortlessly one starts humming tunes and tapping one’s feet. The musical journey of Gulshhan Suman is exciting as it is vastly inspired by music—a medium of conveying different emotions through songs. He had been the key performer of the Airport Authority of India’s (AAI) seven-member crew of the inhouse band ‘The Bridge’ which used to sing Bhajans and old Bollywood numbers with equal dexterity, perhaps better than any other professional band.

Right from his childhood, he was fond of listening to Indian classical songs, Ghazals, and Bhajans. Currently, serving as Joint General Manager (Air Traffic control) in the Airport Authority of India (AAI), soulful music has always been my first love. His mantra: “If you can dream it, you can do it”; one has to passionately work towards achieving the goal rather than leaving it to destiny. He gave an audition at All India Radio (AIR) and got selected for singing Ghazals and light music programmes. Later on, he also sang for Delhi Doordarshan. “The performance gave me the confidence to work hard,” say Suman. His devotional songs have been telecast on Aastha, Sanskar, and Aastha Bhajan channels.

At an early age, only he started learning to play the Flute, Tabla, Harmonium, and basics of Hindustani music from his uncle, Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji (disciple of Malang Ustaad). Thereafter, he learned Hindustani Classical vocals from Pandit Krishan Dutt Sharma of Banaras Gharana. He continued learning and refining his music training sitting at the lotus feet of Ustaad Sarfaraz Husain Khan introduced him to ‘Tarana Gayaki’, which is the specialty of Rampur Sahaswan Gharana. He continued learning Hindustani vocal music under the tutelage of Ustaad Mushahid Husain Khan, son of Ustaad Sarfaraz Husain Khan. As he had been trained in different genres of music, whether it’s Hindustani classical or Bhajans or Ghazals or Sufi for that matter. “I was thinking of how best to bind it together in a thread that makes sense and how to utilise my knowledge and share it with people. Devotion is a universal language and feeling, the feeling of oneness, but everyone expresses it so differently. The feeling it evokes is universal.” His debut album, “Chunar Mori Rang Daari”, was released in 2011, which comprised compositions and bhajans by Sant Kabirdas, Meera Bai, Sur Dass Ji, and Dadu Dayal Ji. The album title was inspired by a bhajan by Kabir Dass Ji.