April 2022 \ News \ INSPIRATION CORNER

By Yogesh Sood

Narender Kumar, MD, Poorti Food Vision has become a role model for others. His Poorti brand has become a household name in the Amla, Muraba and pickles segments. Today Poorti’s name has become a household one.  In 2018, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) awarded him with the Innovative Farmer award in the fruits and vegetable processing and value-addition category.

He is a progressive entrepreneur in the food – processing sector he has by dint of sheer grit and determination to succeed in life. He has broken the glass ceiling and proved everyone wrong including those business people whose son and daughters are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They are blessed with ancestral property and belong to the present generation popularly called rich brags. He had been suffering from Polio in early childhood and hence forced to be wheelchair bound, it is  only   positive thinking and strong will power coupled with indomitable spirit to succeed in life helped him achieve the targets he had set for himself.  Son of an Army soldier Balwant Singh Chhikara of Jat Regiment, he had inherited the qualities such as disciplined life and truth, Integrity. His parents always encouraged him to face any challenges. His mother always inspired him saying “one may be physically weak but through strong will- power, positive thinking and consistent hard work he is bound to succeed one day irrespective of what the world, he says. Ask him what is the reason behind his success he says, “Right from childhood I had always believed in myself and felt that is important to be self reliant and financially independent.”