April 2022 \ News \ INSPIRATION CORNER

By Yogesh Sood

He says “Over the decades, I have seen a vast change in the veterinary field.  Yet, I am waiting to see a better and modern way to treat our companions. I have observed nutrition, vaccination and maintaining better breeding standards needs attention. I genuinely feel that the Prevention aspect as well as care of pets as companions needs attention. Also, there is a dire need for continuous education and  upgrading skills of  vets and  para-vets which is badly needed in India , “Our loving companions need physical and emotional care both to lead a happy healthy life. We partner with you in this journey as a pet parent, right from puppy management, their regular health needs, and any other health requirement that entails intensive care. Our doctors at DCC Animal Hospital are driven by passion and skill which is at par with the global veterinary skills. We’re a growing chain of pet hospitals, here for you and your pet!” says Dr, Sharma. He feels that Ambulatory services and upgrading of facilities in government hospitals as well as participation of NGOs with investment from multinational companies, private bodies is urgently needed. Although, post-COVID pandemic the demand for good pet care has drastically gone up, but it is also true, that very limited sources like good environment to treat pets is very sadly missing.  Improper storage facility, untrained people has resulted in huge vaccination losses; we need to reverse this trend.