By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

We look back in history, some of the most amazing scientific feats are attributed to Bharatvarsha, be it the concept of ‘shunya’ or ‘purna’, mechanism of solar system, the law of gravitation, Pythagoras theorem, science of metallurgy and more, all were mastered by the Vedic seer. Some of the most wondrous pieces of architecture were built thousands of years ago by the Vedic masters and remain unparalleled in this age of modern technology. Not just this, the strength of their bodies and the abilities they possessed is unheard of in present times as are their descriptions of paranormal and direct interactions with gods and goddesses. Why is it then that so many invasions have taken place and so many times our temples have been looted and plundered, when we had such an advanced culture with so much knowledge?

Take a look around, you will find the answer.

We are all part of Shiv and this entire creation is His form. But, for Shiv to be able to feel us, the urge for Him inside us must be very strong. This may be understood with the example of our body, which has various organs and parts, some more pivotal than the others. If one cuts the hair or nail, we do not feel pain but if there is a cut anywhere in the skin, it pains and we are constantly reminded of that part of the body. So, we should try to become the nerve of Shiv. Create so much heat and attraction within yourself through the powerful practices of Ashtang Yog, following the Yams and Niyams in totality, undergoing penance and tap so that you become the nerve of Shiv, instead of His nail. Make your connection so powerful that every time you undergo pain, He experiences it too and is forced to look at you and give you what you desire.

The degradation of the vedic culture began when its custodians began selling it and using it for their own selfish gains. The wealth of the temples was used for private luxury, penance was forgotten, sadhaks became businessmen selling all aspects of this precious science without understanding an iota of it and all the nerves changed into nails, all of them became an unimportant part of Shiv.

Obviously, it was not Shiv or the vedic practices anymore, it was the attachments, bindings of Maya and pleasures of the 5 senses. Evolution was no more the aim, pleasures became the finality of physical life. With avidya all around, the culture had to go, it had to be invaded, the wealth had to be redistributed, all the phenomenal forces and gyan had to go to dormancy, as it was not required - for only what is required is given to us.

Shiv exists and so do all the energies which the Vedas talk about. All the gods are there, the siddhis are for real, all that the Vedas talk about are real for the Vedas are real. All we have to do is to turn ourselves from unreality into reality, experience the pain that an animal goes through when butchered, experience nature inside us, feel ourselves as part of creation, and only then Shiv will feel us as a part of Himself and we shall experience the reality or Vidya.

Shiv is in all aspects of creation, in every atom but it is the consciousness of that atom which chooses to be aware of Shiv or in other words communicate with Shiv or elsewhere. It is the unreality which takes the consciousness elsewhere on the veils of maya. I invite the readers to Dhyan Ashram if they desire to remove these veils and face the supreme reality.

Article from Ashwini Guruji of Dhyan Ashram

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