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From being a geography teacher in a small school in Rajasthan to being appointed as Assam Governor, Gulab Chand Kataria has come a long way.

By Archana Sharma

A school teacher, then a politician…Did you ever think that you will be given a constitutional position?

I never thought that I would be given a constitutional position. I come from a small, humble background and I have earned laurels for my work. The party has elevated a small worker like me and inspired lakhs of workers and made them aware of the fact that hard work gets respected.

From Rajasthan to Assam…How did your family react to the news?

My family, especially my wife, is quite angry! However, we will adjust in a little while.

You have been synonymous with Mewar politics for decades. Will you miss it?

I will be working honestly within the constitutional limits as the Governor of Assam. Somewhere down the line, Mewar will be missed, but I have enormous trust in our party workers who shall take the legacy forward.

Tell us something about your experience of going around Mewar on a bicycle when you were a pracharak?

I was very inspired by the pracharaks, having seen them working day and night for the sake of the nation. So, I also started working aggressively and I used to tour the hilly terrains on my bike. Looking at my work, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat used to tell the party workers that someday I will die somewhere while biking.

So, he asked the party workers to contribute to get me a jeep. Then I got a Maruti as being the MP I got some concession, and I drove the same vehicle for years. In fact, at some stage, people came to know that this man in a dhoti and driving a Maruti is Kataria...

I was very inspired by Sundar Singh Bhandari whom I have seen travelling in general class in trains. I learnt from him that life should be simple and work should be done with sincerity.

I strongly feel that those who have struggled in life have earned respect in the country. ‘Achcha Socho’, and ‘Don’t go the wrong way’ is my message to the younger generation.

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