February 2015 \ News \ Column: Yogi Ashwini
Who are “You”?

By Yogi Ashwini

Every person, each one of you has a corresponding star, from where you have come and where you return to after every birth. Each star is a specific divine energy. What you are is a reflection of that unique star. That is why earlier it was said that when a person dies s/he becomes a star. We have more stars in the creation than our population. So then what are we and where are we? Are we here or are we there? The answer is- we are neither here nor there but there and here simultaneously. How?

The sloka Om poornamadah poornamidam poornata poornamudachyate poornasya poornamaadaya poornamevava shishyate Om implies that infinity plus infinity is infinity, infinity minus infinity is infinity, infinity multiplied by infinity is infinity and infinity divided by infinity is also infinity. But infinity has no definition or does it? If two mirrors are kept facing each other and you stand in between the two, then would you be able to count the number of images? No that is infinity. That is why the star, the creation, is called infinity, everything has originated from it and will go back into it and it has no boundaries. Can you explain something which has no boundaries, something which has no limits?

Have you thought about this- What is there beyond the boundaries we know? Afterall there has to be a limit to what has been created. This creation should end somewhere. Everything that is created or manifested is limited and so it should have boundaries. We can see the sky and we know after that there is the space. So till where does space exist? How can it be infinite if whatever is created is finite and is always defined by boundaries? Just think about this, you do not even know the basics of your existence - where you are and till where that extends, who you are or why you are where you are. But what you do know with certainty is how big your house is, what car you own and what you would like to have in dinner tonight! This is all you know of!


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