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Lasting Legacy

Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the USA, was right on the money...

He’s personally spearheaded the Indian American Heritage Foundation where he is chairman and founding president. For 30 years now, Mr Singh and his team has been giving scholarships to the community’s best and brightest students graduating from high schools in southern California. The foundation wants second and third generation Indian students to get a sense of their origin, and, therefore, conducts a test of their knowledge about India and also the Indian American community. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money have been raised over the years, and an impressive 24 scholarships go out every year.

He writes frequently about the global Indian diaspora, in particular about Indians in America. His in-depth and insightful articles have been a regular feature in Indian newspapers across the USA, and in magazines in India. He is invited on a regular basis to conferences in universities and other events on various aspects of global Indian diaspora. He has been interviewed for a series of TV episodes on the history of Indians in the US. As a goodwill gesture for the community, he has distributed the electronic and print version of his booklet, Indians in America, their struggles, successes and contributions to India and America, in thousands, free of cost.

Little wonder then that encomiums, accolades, awards and recognitions have come his way generously over the years for the many hats he’s worn. He’s inspired others to dream more, learn more and become more. Quincy Adam’s words sit well on Inder Singh, a community leader par excellence, and organizational man to the core.

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