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“Indian businesses can thrive in Bolivia”

Bolivia—officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia...

  • H.E. Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos Ambassador Designate of Bolivia to India

                                               H.E. SERGIO DARIO ARISPE BARRIENTOS

                                         AMBASSADOR DESIGNATE OF BOLIVIA TO INDIA

Bolivia—officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia—is in west-central South America bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. A third of the nation is within the Andean mountain range. The nation opened its embassy in New Delhi in 2012. H.E. Ambassador Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos speaks to Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty on the possibilities of strengthening ties between India and Bolivia in a major way going forward

Would you say that Indo-Bolivian relations are at a high point?

I think there is a natural process to be at such a point in the sense that we only opened our embassy in New Delhi in 2012. Considering the size and scope of diplomacy that India carries here in New Delhi, I think it is natural perhaps that the relations are not where we want them to be. But obviously in time we can have them go forward. I believe that for a country like ours—with the limitations that we may have in terms of budget and human resources—India is an obvious and sure bet. We believe that we are at a crucial moment in time to improve upon our diplomatic ties. I think Latin America as a whole must have a sure bet in India. And India should have a sure bet in Latin America. I think for India to sustain the growth it has for the future—your direction says you’ll be growing at more than 7 per cent till 2050—and that you’d be able to do with greater presence in Latin America. But I had some statistics given to me, a bit scary to tell you the truth. China estimates that they’d have a USD 500 billion worth exchange with Latin America by 2025. Right now the exchange with Latin America and India is only USD 30 billion, that’s largely perhaps mostly because you are well situated in Mexico and Brazil. But who isn’t? These are G-20 countries. I think India must move forward in Latin America, move forward like America, and I think in the near future, we’ll achieve this growth.