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Following her sacking on November 13, 2023, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly was moved to the Home Office, while former Prime Minister David Cameron, making a political comeback, stepped into his role. A No. 10 spokesman thanked Braverman for her service, but added: “The Prime Minister was proud to appoint a strong, united team yesterday focused on delivering for the British people.”

In her letter, she also accused Sunak of failing “to rise to the challenge posed by the increasingly vicious anti-semitism and extremism displayed on our streets.” She added, “I have become hoarse urging you to consider legislation to ban the hate marches and help stem the rising tide of racism, intimidation and terrorist glorification threatening community cohesion.”

Further, “Britain is at a turning point in our history and faces a threat of radicalisation and extremism in a way not seen for 20 years. I regret to say that your response has been uncertain, weak, and lacking in the qualities of leadership that this country needs. Rather than fully acknowledge the severity of this threat, your team disagreed with me for weeks that the law needed changing. As on so many other issues, you sought to put off tough decisions in order to minimise political risk to yourself. In doing so, you have increased the very real risk these marches present to everyone else.”

Not surprisingly, Braverman’s points are ones that the British public has been grappling with through an uneasy period of protests fuelled by the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Matthew Goodwin, a professor of politics at the University of Kent, and a pollster, says many people in Britain feel quite scared by the pro-Palestine protestors, particularly in UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and elsewhere because of those who have failed to condemn Hamas’s attack on October 7, 2023 on Israelites with any degree of clarity. Neither have the left-leaning politicians helped by expressing their unequivocal support for Palestine.

The principal findings of his polls are that the majority of the British are questioning the intent of the leadership in the country in the wake of showing relative leniency towards pro-Palestine supporters, 66 percent say that Hamas is a terrorist organization, while only six percent say they aren’t. Fifteen percent of Londoners, however, do not view Hamas as a terrorist group which Goodwin finds appalling.

Goodwin adds that the UK’s experiments with mass immigration are clearly failing. There are areas in the country where ethnic groups are not following British laws and are choosing segregation over integration. That cannot be a good foreboding for Britain. “The worry is the speed and scale at which we transform this country while not integrating those that are arriving,” he says. Nigel Farage, a British broadcaster and former politician, says that what emerges from the recent spate of protests is that there is a permissive environment against the Jewish community which is tired of being treated as second class citizens.

Controversial she may well be, but Suella Braverman has certainly now started a debate across every section of British society which refuses to die down in a hurry.

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