By Yogesh Sood

Kindly let us know about bilateral trade and business, and the extent of imports and exports from India and vice versa.

Trade and investment are growing fast and our trade balance has now reached 7 billion USD.

Investments are increasing and many Danish companies are also seeing India as a prime destination. Geopolitics has turned India into a powerhouse and global companies have to diversify their global supply chains. India is a great alternative in that process. India’s growth is equally a factor as well as the huge pool of talents of India.

We also see Indian companies investing increasingly in Denmark which we appreciate. We look forward to welcoming more. The direct flights operated by Air India between Delhi and Copenhagen are another sign of this growing trust and commitment.

What are the main sectors that Indian businesses can look at when it comes to investing in Denmark?

Water, energy, food, health, logistics and pharmaceuticals. Our Green Strategic Partnership has a strong focus on water and energy. Danish skills are so valuable for India’s green transition and trajectory towards Viksit Bharat. We and our companies are always ready.

However the ease of business must be improved as many obstacles still remain. Happy to see how determined India at large is in that respect.

Who are the major Indian players in the Danish economy at present, and do you see the contribution of Indian businesses in your economy going up in the future?

The IT providers are trusted partners for Denmark and Danish businesses. Recently we saw considerable investments by Infosys. TCS and LTI are other long standing partners. Obviously we would like to see more.

Kindly talk to us through the overall presence of Danish businesses in India, and how many of them are participating in the Make in India Mission?

We have close to 200 companies operating in India. Most of them are manufactured in India. Make in India is a great framework, but again ease of business must be improved constantly. Denmark and our companies are driven by predictability, transparency and accountability among others. Our aim is to Make India great, strong and green. A partner for Viksit Bharat.

How do you view the role of the Indian Diaspora in Denmark, and has it been able to further strengthen bilateral ties?

Very important as people to people exchanges are growing ties, partnerships and friendship. At PM Modi’s visit to Denmark we all saw with envy the enormous enthusiasm of the Indians. Wish we could mobilize the same.

How critical is the role of the media in promoting relations between the two countries?

Freedom of press and media is fundamental and we must all work together in order to ensure this. Media is the voice of our people.