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Mr. Jatin Goel, Executive Director, Omaxe Ltd., spoke to Business and Diplomatic Editor Yogesh Sood on a range of issues covering evolution in the Indian construction landscape to the high-profile Omaxe Chowk project in the heart of Delhi’s walled city.

By Yogesh Sood

Kindly let us know more about the Chandni Chowk project…

Omaxe Chowk is a transformative project that is projected to redefine the shopping and culinary landscape of Old Delhi. Spanning 1.11 million square feet, it seamlessly combines the traditional charm of Chandni Chowk with modern infrastructure. With India’s largest food court, Dawatpur, and an extensive multi-level parking facility for over 2300 vehicles, Omaxe Chowk promises a vibrant and inclusive retail experience. The project has been developed at the heart of Delhi, Chandni Chowk, with the aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience to patrons across various verticals.

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