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“My friendship with Mr. PNC Menon is special”

A conversation between Founder-CEO at Karma Lakelands, Mr Ashwani Khurana and Business Editor Yogesh Sood

By Yogesh Sood

What was your thought process behind teaming up with Sobha Developers?

Sobha and Karma Lakelands, this is a merger of our values and our vision. In this project, we will draw from each other’s strengths and experience in our respective fields.

Karma Lakelands has a strong focus on environmental practices. Sobha is a company that fully embodies the concept of “passion at work.” and stands tall in the real estate industry, a company with a difference, a company that epitomizes passion, commitment, and standing strong on values.

What makes this coming together even more special is my personal, long standing friendship with Mr. PNC Menon, whose simplicity, genuineness, and poise I have come to admire.  He needs no introduction as a builder extraordinaire, who revolutionised the way people perceive quality in the real estate sector.

Is this a first-of-a-kind project for you at Karma Lakelands…

Yes, it will meet our common objective of building luxury spaces in complete harmony with nature, a responsible community of the future. Within Karma Lakelands, there is so much more that we can and will do together as time goes by in our other aspect of the Tree Top development.

Please let us know about Karma Lakelands, its ethos and philosophical outreach to its customers…

Since inception, we have prioritized planting trees, creating bio-diversity, conscious living initiatives, placing them at the core of our mission. Embarking on the journey to become a zero-waste property and engaging in initiatives such as minimising single use products, waste segregation, bio-composting and tree-rescue.  Karma exhibits an exceptional commitment to sustainable living.

By embodying ecological consciousness in our practices, we have not only reduced operational costs but also generated additional revenues by delivering superior products, services, and unique and Earth friendly experiences to customers. The resort serves as a testament to the idea that prioritizing sustainability can lead to a harmonious coexistence of ecological responsibility and economic viability.

We have covered you as a Green Champion before. Please talk us through the green element in the Aranya project…

Combining luxury with eco-responsible living, the project will ensure that Karma’s legacy of nature first continues further. The project will have a heritage of exquisite detailing and tasteful architectural designs. It will be the first of its kind in the NCR where residents will not only be able to see the spectacular golf course from their apartments but also be able to touch, feel and smell its fragrance while walking or cycling along 625 meters long, five-meter wide path abutting the golf course.

The newest and most prestigious luxury estate, here every apartment has central air purification to always keep both the air quality index and indoor oxygen levels measurable and always in the green.

Sobha Aranya is nestled in 270 acres of golf course and landscaped greens of the Karma Lakelands campus with impeccable attention to detail from conceptualization to delivery. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of eco-responsible, conscious living with a low carbon footprint, targeting zero waste, pollution-free indoor air quality, and a carbon-neutral community, amidst two lakh plus trees and plants. The project will make ample use of rainwater harvesting, and solar energy, as well as promote the usage of new eco-conservation initiatives like plastic-free waterless urinal solutions and ‘making your fresh air’.

You’ve reinvented yourself as an entrepreneur/businessman in the real estate sphere from your earlier work in the lottery domain. Please talk us through this transition…

My business life started at age 21 selling Sikkim State Lotteries on a pan India basis. By the time I was 28, I was selling 5 crore lotteries a day and was declared India’s highest Individual tax payer.

Then I met Nek Chand, the creator of the Rock Garden, who infused the passion of growing trees into me and this led to the acquisition of land which was the boondocks and today’s bustling sector 80 of Gurgaon.

I am today in the hospitality, golf, and thanks to the Sobha tie up, by default in the Real Estate Business.

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