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What is truth?

The truth behind the inevitability of change in nature and the human body.

By By Yogi Ashwini

 Your body, the flowers and trees, sun, moon, water…they are all changing all the time. What you looked like 10 years back or even a year back is not what you are this instant. The body is constantly moving towards destruction. A new set of cells replaces the cells in your body every seven years. Even what you see as death has happened so many times before; it is just that you are only able to understand it when the body is taken to the shamshan. Just think about it…today your hair are grey, ten years back they were black. So are you that same person who had black hair? The prana that govern your body too are undergoing a change with every passing thought of yours. In fact, it is because the prana is changing that the body too is undergoing a change.

So which is the truth, what things were a moment back or what they will be this instant? What is changing even that is not truth, because it is not there at all. What is not there, what you are only assuming there to be, how can that be the truth? In fact the biggest illusion is that change only. Because what is changing is nashwar, that is not there at all, because it is there this moment but it will not be in the next. So how can that be the truth? Name any one thing in this creation that is truth.

At the time of Raja Janak, shaastraths (meets where meaning of shaastras were pondered upon) were held. Learned scholars (pandits) would get together and debate on truths of creation. Those who were defeated would behead themselves, take Samadhi, observe penance, etc – their fate being decided by the king. So even shaastra, that which takes one from mortality to immortality, were reduced to shastra (weapons) that take one towards nashvarta (destruction). So even the most learned pandits missed out on the essence or gyan of shaastra, and turned them into untruth.

A gentleman told me God is truth. When you do yog, you experience these energies but unless you have experienced them, they are non-existent for you. Having an experience is important, that is the only way to progress in yog. So I asked this person if he had seen God or knew what he looks like or where he exists. The reply came, ‘God is in every spec of creation.’ I then asked him if there was God in the microphone from where I was speaking. He said, ‘maybe’. Another gentleman came to his rescue and said, ‘we have been brought up hearing that whatever we have is God given, so we assume God is everywhere.’ Mind the words ‘maybe’ and ‘assume’ in the two replies. Both of these indicate that it is the mind speaking, not experience. When you have experienced something, you do not doubt upon it. A single doubt is enough to keep you away from your path. The greatest of philosophers have fallen in this trap…

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