Diamonds Are Not For Ever

  • Yogi Ashwini

 Some 3000 to 3500 years back, Rishi Atreya propounder of Samnkhya Philosophy, explained the concept of anu and paramanu, of cell division and multiplication. Our body from head to toe is comprised of small particles called anu. When a single param anu vibrates, it emits a sound and transfers it to another similar param anu that matches its frequency. This way all the param anus of similar sound frequency come together and make up an anu, this is the first stage of development of a cell. Each cell too has a sound of its own. As and when this changes, accordingly, different organs of the body develop. That is, every organ functions on a particular sound and is constituted by the cells emitting a specific frequency of sound. For example, the cell of liver has a specific sound which is distinct from that of the heart. The people who do yog sadhna, when they go in a state of antarmaun, they are able to hear the different sounds made by different organs, it is audible very clearly. However, these sounds are not audible to our ears, they can only be heard by the ones who are doing yog and it is these sounds that tell whether a part of the body is healthy or unhealthy. A disturbance in sound indicates an imbalance, whereas if it follows its natural rhythm it is indicative of health.

Just like the body, sounds are also emitted by the house you live in, your office, cars and even the stones that many people wear…It is said that stones, especially diamonds, should not be worn just like that. Do you know why? Let us figure out.

Whenever there is a problem in the house, the first thing that happens is diamonds are sold off. Take any war in history, when the plunderers come to a country, the first thing they do is loot the diamonds. So many murders, so many fights, so many deceits and treacheries have been committed for diamonds. A diamond has seen all that…

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