A Thousand Names Of Lord Shiv

  • Yogi Ashwini

 Mount Kailash is the source of shakti for the entire creation. At the time when vedic sciences were established, Mount Kailash corresponded to the northeast direction. With the change of yugs and the shift in the tilt of earth’s axis, it has assumed the north direction in present times. In the vedic times, directions were given by looking at and measuring the congruence of energies. Directions played a pivotal role in the process of creation. Even though now Earth’s axis has tilted, directions still play a determining role, of course according to the present position of various entities.

You must have observed that all auspicious tasks are performed in the northeast direction. This direction has been called Ishan in our ancient texts. Even when Muslims do namaz, they do it in a particular direction and time called Isha (indicating that all religions have similarity and our religious beliefs should not be a reason for intolerance towards others). Interestingly, Ishan is another name for Lord Shiv. In Vedic times there were only eight names of Lord Shiv—Sharva, Bhava, Rudra, Ugra, Bheem, Pashupati, Ishan and Mahadeva—representing various aspects and forces that play a pivotal role in running creation. Take for example, Rudra. Rudra is the form of Shiv that is required for destruction. There is a specific mantra ‘Rudra-Rudra-Maharudra’ which when practiced in the sanidhya of Guru, stops the effect of all adversities that are to happen. As one completes the sadhna of Rudra Jaap, the body develops the capacity to change anything. Then he can change the direction of anything coming towards him or anyone else. These, however, should not be done as the purpose of a tantric sadhna is evolution of the being, and not anything else. Similarly, Bheem represents the strength aspect of Shiv, strength not of the muscles but the strength needed to go from one dimension to the next. Pashupati epitomizes the abundance of nature, the flora and fauna. Pashupatinath temple was made for this purpose only but later corruption seeped in and they started the incorrect practice of performing ritualistic sacrifices. This and other adulterations in the authentic vedic sciences have led us to completely forget our culture.

With the progression of times and change of yugs, men started losing touch with creation and became self-centered. As a result, the eight forms of Shiv were not enough for them. So newer names began to emerge, Mrityunjay being one of them. Earlier there was no mrityu but ‘iccha mrityu’, i.e. a person would leave the body at will. Therefore, there was no need for the name Mrityunjay. But when people started performing wrong acts, they started fearing death. As a result, the name Mrityunjay originated. Similarly there were no jyorilingas or shaktipeeths in satyug because they were not required. Their need was felt when the civilization started its descent. Today, the condition of human beings has deteriorated to such an extent that he has moved on from the swaroop of Shiv to worship lower beings like rakshas, pishach, bhoot and pret. And with every passing day, the situation is becoming worse. Men can no longer see anything beyond themselves and things that are happening to them or their limited circle. And so we have today a thousand names of Lord Shiv. All these are readily available on a CD in every marketplace. People who play them think they are worshipping Lord Shiv unaware of the fact that Shiv has only eight names. Few years from now, the names of Shiv would multiply to such an extent that it would be difficult to contain them in a single CD…

People keep asking me strange questions and at times I am just not able to understand in which direction to steer them. I try to take them north but they want to head south. If I talk of something whereas your direction is some other, then you will get confused and not be able to reach anywhere, which is a failure for me. The thousand different names of Shiv pertain to different isht devas. Yog says that there is only one mantra, one asan, one mala, one isht deva and only one guru. If you make any of these two, then it is adultery in yog i.e. you are being unfaithful to the creation. And if you are unfaithful to creation then the creation will be unfaithful to you. So before embarking on the journey of the spirit, you need to be sure of what it is that you are seeking, only then can the path to achieve it be carved out by your Guru. If you don’t know what you want then we have a thousand names of Lord Shiv, you can start doing thousand sadhnas…where do you think you will reach?


- The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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