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“Mumbai is always going to be home”

 Success comes to those who think out of the box and work with passion and devotion towards a goal. This is what Rohit Gupta did when he went out of his motherland- India to United States. Just like many other Indians who are surprising people across the globe with their extraordinary performances in different. Whether it is business, academics, media, politics, information technology or literature, Indians are everywhere. Rohit has proved this with his awe-inspiring performance in field of cinema.

Rohit Gupta, a native from Mumbai moved to United States about 12 years ago to pursue his MBA degree from Wingate University in North Carolina. But decided to switch careers and get into filmmaking. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he knew nothing about filmmaking until he joined the New York Film Academy for a four week workshop. This is when he realised his love for filmmaking and craft and decided to extend his course and enrolled to the one year conservatory program. For him, it was a shot in the dark but he took his chances and decided to go with it. His first project was a four-minute American suspense-thriller film Another Day Another Life, which received remarkable acclaim from around the world including an Official Selection at Cannes in 2009. Gupta is currently working on the post-production of his upcoming American comedy feature Midnight Delight, due for release in 2015.

Recently, Rohit Gupta’s name has been added to Limca Book of Records for setting up two national records for his work in award-winning feature film “Life! Camera Action”. The new record set is for the first full-length motion picture shot by just a two-member crew that were the producer and director Rohit Gupta and Ravi Kumar respectively. The second record is for the first film to release on Facebook.

Since the release, Life! Camera! Action has been appraised and critically acclaimed at various international platforms. The film has received over seventy international accolades in various categories including awards in the prestigious award functions in the United States of America. These awards include Orson Welles Award in California International Film Awards, Royal Reel Award in Canada International Film Festival, Grand Jury Award in Oregon Film Awards (USA) and Best Feature Film in World Peace Film Festival amongst many others around the world. Apart from all the awards the film left everyone flabbergasted by winning nine Board of Directors' Special Awards at 28th Goldie Film Awards (USA).

Rohit’s work in film has taken him to all together a different height. Adding to the accolades is the list where the film has been listed as “One of the 10 Outstanding Movies by Indian American Filmmakers” by a news house. The list also includes Hollywood blockbusters such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan, Mississippi Masala and Namesake by Mira Nair, and Fire and Earth by Deepa Mehta.

In a brief Interview with India Empire’s Assistant Editor Misha Singh, Rohit Gupta talks about his decisions, inspirations and films

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