June 2015 \ Cover Story \ Cover Story—A Year of NDA

The last Indian election surprised everyone just as the recent one in Britain. No one could imagine in their wildest imagination that the BJP would be victorious let alone with an absolute majority like the Conservative win in the UK

By Rami Ranger
  • Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron have a chance to forge a long-term, synergetic relationship now that Mr Cameron has returned to power after the recent elections in the U.K.

 Both elections caught pollsters and pundits by surprise. They had predicted hung Parliaments in both the countries with no party enjoying an absolute majority. The electorate proved them wrong on both occasions. We can safely say that both victories are the result of the charismatic leadership of Mr Modi in India and Mr Cameron in the UK. It just goes to prove leadership can not only capture the imagination of the public but also galvanise voters to vote, especially those who are reluctant voters.

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