How anger destroys

From anger comes delusion, from delusion a lapse of memory, from lapse of memory...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini Ji

In Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna,

krodhaat bhavati sammohah sammohaat smritivibhramah |

smritibhramshaat buddhinaasho buddhinaashaat pranashyati ||2-63||

From anger comes delusion, from delusion a lapse of memory, from lapse of memory there is destruction of buddhi, and from destruction of buddhi person is destroyed.

Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, gives Arjuna the gyan of detachment (vairagya) from the fruits of war, to stay untouched from the attachments of anger, jealousy, resentment, grief, etc, for the body is perishable, as it is one has to die…attachments only expedite the process of self-destruction. Whenever you do anything with extra passion or attachment, it is equivalent to anger, because body reacts in same way—the metabolic rate shoots up, resulting in faster pulse and rapid breathing. These are also the symptoms of a person who is dying.

Says sanatan kriya, that cell which is the basic unit of life, comes with a limited force. Every time the cell divides during metabolism, new cells are born which are weaker than the previous cell. That is our batteries are not rechargeable and the process of ageing or destruction of body cannot be reversed. Anger and other hyper emotions increase the metabolic rate of cell leading to faster ageing. The key to health and longevity is in slowing down.