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Defining God A Vedic Interpretation

By Gauri Shankar Gupta
  • HE Gauri Shankar Gupta High Commissioner of India to Trinidad and Tobago

 (Continued from July 2015 issue)

He exists outside and inside of all living beings, the moving and the non-moving. Being most subtle, He is incomprehensible by sense organs. Although far, far away; He is near to all.


Although, He appears to be divided among all beings, He is unified and one, like space. He alone is the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer of all.


The earth, the water, the fire, the air, the ether, the mind, the intelligence and the ego – all together these eight constitute My (Brahman) separated material energies (apara).


There is another superior energy (para) of Mine which comprises the living entities (soul) who are utilizing the material nature.


All created beings have their source in these two energies. Know for certain that I am both the origin and dissolution of all that is material and spiritual in this world.


Based on the above writings and indicative examples taken from different Vedic texts let us try to put together the defining elements of Brahman/God.

Beginning and End

Brahman has neither beginning nor end. Anything infinite cannot have either beginning or end. The two are mutually exclusive. For a second, let us assume that the Brahman has a beginning. By the very nature of this assumption we are separating time and space from the Brahman because Brahman originated at X point in time and Y point in space. This assumption also implies that there was time and space even before Brahman since the Brahman originated at X point in time and Y point in space. This gives rise to the question as to who created them (time and space)? Was there another Brahman/God before? This will lead to an infinite chain of Gods back in time. Therefore, putting the origin of the Universe before that of Brahman/God is illogical and irrational. This is an assumption with inherent contradictions. Hence Brahman has neither a beginning nor an end. He is simply eternal.


Brahman is infinite. Infinity has three elements; space, time and cause. Anything that has a place, a time or a cause of origin cannot be infinite. Since the very origin of time, space and cause lies in Brahman, He has to be beyond all these three. Infinite can never be turned into finite no matter how much you take out. This is a mathematical reality. Similarly no matter how much goes out of Brahman, it remains undiluted and complete in every respect. Let us take the example of a candle. With a burning candle we could light millions and billions of candles, still the original flame remains undiluted. The same analogy applies to a compact disc in modern era.

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