September 2015 \ News \ Special Column
Defining God — A Vedic Interpretation

By Gauri Shankar Gupta
  • HE Gauri Shankar Gupta High Commissioner of India to Trinidad and Tobago

 Continued from August 2015 issue)

Let us now consider another facet of time. Time is static, still it moves. If we meditate for a moment we will find that time has no movement of its own. Imagine the Universe without anything, simply vast empty space. Can we imagine the movement of time? No, we cannot. We calculate the movement of time based on the movement of physical universe. Relative movements of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon define the day, the month and the year (solar year, lunar year, solar month and lunar month). Even light-year (spatial distance) is calculated on the basis of speed of sunrays. Thus time, in itself does not move yet we cannot imagine any movement without time. Our lives move with time. With time we ceaselessly grow from childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to youth, from youth to old age and from old age to death. We cannot imagine any physical existence without movement whether it’s a galaxy, a planet, a plant, an animal or a human being. Life and existence themselves are defined in terms of movement. Since no movement is possible without time, time moves. Therefore, time is static, still it moves. Similarly, Brahman is static, still it moves.

Let us now consider the beginning of time. Can we imagine the origin of time? No, we cannot, because if we take point X as the origin of time, immediately a question will arise: what existed before X? This means we are going into time before the origin of time. How can that be possible? This is illogical. Therefore the very thought of the origin of time is fallacious. This is equally true for the end of time. Similarly, the Brahman has no beginning, no middle and no end. He is beyond creation and destruction. Time is also infinite in its expanse. It cannot be confined to any defined area. Wherever there is space there is time, so is the expanse of Brahman. He is everywhere. No existence can be imagined or defined without Him.

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