November 2015 \ News \ Column
Mr Modi is World’s Tallest Leader

  • Mr K J Alphons

The biggest achievement of the Modi Government is that it has wiped out corruption from the capital completely. There has not been a single allegation of corruption against any of the union ministers or any of the departments in the Government. So, without a doubt the person to be credited, and eventually acclaimed for this historic turnaround, is Mr Narendra Modi himself. In spite of the clearances of huge purchases worth thousands of crores of rupees by the Ministry of Defence, there has been no allegation of corruption. This in itself is a phenomenal achievement. At the time of taking over, the Prime Minister had reassured the nation about his fight against corruption by saying, “Neither will I make money, nor will I let anyone else make any.” He has truly lived up to his words, and inspired hundreds of millions of his countrymen, and the world at large. Just take a look at the Transparency International Index—India which for years would languish at the bottom of the list of most corrupt nations is today significantly climbing higher and higher, a reflection on the commendable job of the Government in tackling the menace of corruption.


There is complete transparency in the Government. Everything that is being done, all decisions that are being taken, are out in the open. There are no hidden agendas. If the Government did not insist on transparent dealings, by now the Media would have jumped all over it. And the opposition would be running loose with allegations. It is clear to one and all that the Prime Minister follows the rule of law, and there are no favourites. His own family is not involved at any position in the administrative command system. And he also ensures that there are no favourite families that get contracts.

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