April 2018 \ Interviews \ DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW
“Indian businesses can raise their visibility in Zimbabwe”

India and Zimbabwe have exchanged high-level visits in the past but unfortunately 2017 only witnessed high-level visits from Zimbabwe...

What are the major investment opportunities for Indian businesses in Zimbabwe?

Let me take this opportunity to announce that the Government of Zimbabwe recently announced a comprehensive policy shift regarding foreign investment and ease of doing business in Zimbabwe. The focus of the new policy is on opening up all sectors to 100% foreign investment save for diamond and platinum mining where Government has retained the 51% : 49% ratio vis-à-vis locals and foreign investors; and the reserved sectors for locals such as hair and beauty salons, restaurants, transports etc.

There has been tremendous response to this policy announcement from Western investors and others from the Asian continent. And as they say, “the early bird catches the worm” those investors who take advantage now rather than adopting a “wait and see attitude” will certainly reap the rewards. Investment opportunities for Indian business range from agriculture, agro-processing, agro-chemicals, agro-equipment, manufacturing, mining, energy, infrastructure and health.

As a destination is Zimbabwe attracting more Indian visitors than in the past?

Yes, Zimbabwe has seen an increase in the number of Indian tourists since 2014 when the on-line visa process was introduced. As from 15 February 2018, Zimbabwe announced visa on arrival for Indian passport holders as a way of attracting more Indian tourists and facilitating smooth travel by the Indian business community. India falls within Zimbabwe’s “Look East Policy” and in this regard, the Government will endeavour to enact policies that promote this policy and encourage more business interaction between the two countries.