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JIS Group & JIS University Profile

JIS Group Educational Initiatives is the largest premier education service provider in Eastern India, having 26 Educational Institutes with over 126 course programs and 35000+students enrolled into these diverse academic programs ...

JIS Group, an educational conglomerate today, had a very lean gesture at its start to translate the vow of Sardar Jodh Singh, the Founder and Chairman of JIS Group to serve society by being the torch bearer of knowledge, education and employment. JIS Group Educational Initiatives started its journey from 1998, keeping in front its mission – Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives with the opening of the college named Asansol Engineering College, at Kalyanpur, Asansol. Hereafter, Group in the year 2000 laid the foundation of JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani. This was followed by Narula Institute of Technology (NIT) (2001), Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (GNIT) (2003). In the year 2002 a Centre for Management Studies was launched at JISCE. In the year 2004, a separate School for Management Studies was launched at NIT.

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