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Amer-Sil Ketex—the Luxembourg presence in West Bengal

AMER-SIL KETEX Private Limited (ASKPL) (www.ketex.com) originated ...

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AMER-SIL KETEX Private Limited (ASKPL) (www.ketex.com) originated as an entrepreneur-driven manufacturing organisation in Kharagpur in West Bengal about forty-two years ago. Having successfully handled several inflection points in the journey, ASKPL keeps experiencing exponential growth year-on-year.

Currently, a medium sized enterprise, the aspiration is to scale up well to be counted as a large entity within a few years. The Company has a second unit in Himachal Pradesh, and a subsidiary in Bangladesh. In 2016, KETEX Private Ltd. joined force with AMER-SIL S.A. (ASL) of Luxembourg, to be a dominant player in India as well as overseas in its chosen lines of business. A third domestic unit has been set up in Bengaluru, and went into commercial production in 2017.

ASKPL’s products are technical textiles, lead acid battery components (gauntlets or pluri tubular bags, separators, float valves, bottom bars), and various fibreglass applications. Fibreglass applications include products for automobile industry, electrical insulation, molten metal filtrations for aluminium industry, filter fabrics for boiler houses, high temperature applications for up to 1200°C, etc.. With a best in class pool of manpower, the Company also has expertise in research and commercialisation of developed products.

ASKPL collaborates with premier scientific institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Shibpur, and the University of Calcutta Science College for exploration of possibilities with advanced materials.