Buddhist Impacts on Culture and Civilization of Mongolia

The truth the Siddhartha Gautama, taught cannot be adequately ...

By G. Ganbold*

With enormous suffering and great sacrifices Mongolians have preserved their Buddhist cultural heritages. I wish to share with you with great pleasure that a majority of Mongolians are practice the Buddhism, not only as religion but is a philosophy of empowerment and contentment.

Mongolians regard Bharat as a sacred land of Dharma and a source of wisdom and knowledge. This spiritual ties are constitute another pillar of our close cooperation. I am pleased that the Government of India has expressed its readiness to accept the mongolian monk students to its universities. Our collaborations are exponentially growing in multiple areas including agriculture, animal husbandary, mining and light industry. They will play a substantive role in our economies while Mongolia and India colloboration have an ample rooms for growth.

When Honourable Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India announced to offer one billion USD Line of Credit (LoC) during his state visit to Mongolia in May, 2015 our two governments have encountered with daunting task to identify where and how to use it most effective way.

After series of surveys and numerous talks underwent to select areas to implement sustainable and economically viable project the Mongolian government made its choice to apply it in key areas such as railways, agriculture and processing industry, in particular oil sector. This decision, I assume, took into a consideration of specific nature of Mongolia like as land-locked, sparsely populated enormous land, which is richly endowed with natural resources, abundant animal husbandry and land cultivation as well as booming sector of mining, proximate to almost insatiable markets.

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