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Country: USA
Designation: Life Member

  • Prof Subhash C. Sharma

Hard work. Persistence. Sincerity. According to Subhash C. Sharma, these are the three keys to success. Born and educated in New Delhi, Mr Sharma originally from Haryana is a highly active member of the Indian community in Carbondale, Illinois, US, where he has lived since 1983. Mr Sharma is at present the Treasurer of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Society of Southern Illinois (HTCSSI).

Since 1983, Mr Sharma has been teaching in the Department of Econo­mics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, and has been very active professionally. Within a span of four years he was promoted as Associate Professor with tenure, and in another six years he was promoted to Full Professor. At present he is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics.

His research interests are: Econometrics, Times Series Analysis, Statistics; and in applied areas of Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Finance, Microeconomics and Development Economics.

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