July 2019 \ Arts & Entertainment \ COLUMN: YOGI ASHWINI MIND AND BODY

There is pyramidal structure to Creation ...

  • Yogi Ashwini Ji

There is pyramidal structure to Creation, your position in the pyramid is determined by your desire. As one holds the hand of the Guru, he/she moves to that level of the pyramid and the desire manifests. The problem begins after; usually the person gets caught in the desire and is unable to move further. So he/she slips, and begins the downwards journey.

The problem of kalyug is that our desires are embedded in the physical, so even when one sets on a search for Guru, one measures him on physical yardsticks—how big is his ashram, how many factories does he own. Beyond that, one is unable to comprehend, missing out on the essence of the Guru. Today, one would give more respect to a Math’s teacher than a Guru, thinking, ‘At least he will teach me something, which I can use’. What the Guru has to offer, hardly anyone can comprehend or has the desire to receive.

It’s okay to be embedded in the physical because for majority that is the starting point, but if you have found a Guru and are walking his path and over a period of time your desires are still as they were, then you need to think, whether you are wrong or you are in the wrong place.