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"We consider India a source of wisdom and knowledge"

His Excellency Mr Gonchig Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia to India

  • His Excellency Mr Gonchig Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia to India

 Introduction: In an interview about the bilateral relations, tourism, economy and the role of Ulaanbaatar Dialogue, His Excellency Mr Gonchig Ganbold, Ambassador of Mongolia spoke to India Empire’s Assistant Editor Misha Singh. Mr Ganbold has studied in Ulaanbaatar, New Delhi, Moscow, Oxford, Geneva, Hawaii and Munich. He speaks Hindi, English and Russian. He has also worked at Mongolia Embassies in New Delhi, Washington D.C. and London. Mr Ganbold has also served as the Director of Multilateral Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as in Ministry of Finance and National Security Council of Mongolia. He has contributed articles to print and electronic media and translated over dozen books

Please brief us about the role of Ulaanbaatar Dialogue in Mongolia’s regional security cooperation?

Whatever happens in that region tends to have a direct implication on Mongolia. This region is known for controversial and unsettled issues for instance Korean peninsula, we consider it to be free from nuclear weapon. We wish it to be a place of tranquility and peace. There is an island controversy between China and Japan and there are number of uncertainties in Northern territories of Russia and Japan. There is also concentration of the nuclear weapons in China and Russia.

Mongolia beleives that there should be platform where the people gather together and discuss the issues; not necessarily agree with one another on everything but there should be a place for discussion. So, Mongolia considers that Ulaanbaatar Dialogue could be such a forward platform where the countries in the region could get together and discuss whatever issues they have.

Mongolia hosted the first ever visit of an Indian Prime Minister in May 2015. Kindly brief us about the Agreements and MoUs exchanged during the visit of Prime Minister to Mongolia?

Both the countries are eager to keep the pace of high level confidential talks, so the Prime Minister’s visit is an important milestone in the same. During the series of discussions, Government of India has reiterated its willingness to accept Mongolian students in Indian Universities including Nalanda University. The Indian Government has also indicated its interest to encourage our economic and trade relationship…

Both Mongolia and India are two of the oldest nations in India and both know one another quite well since Buddhism prevailed in Mongolia steppes 2500 years ago. Mongolians were aware of India and they also respected India as the country of Lord Buddha or Lord Buddha janam bhoomi. Mongolia also considers India as a source of wisdom and knowledge, so our monks and sanyasis used to come to India and study in Nalanda University. Mongolians were aware of India a very long time and the bilateral and diplomatic relations were formed on the basis of the ages old cultural and spiritual ties.