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History is made by people as much as by forces beyond their control ...

  • Inder Singh

History is made by people as much as by forces beyond their control. The Gadarites were people of outstanding courage and resourcefulness. They left their secured means of livelihood overseas and went to India to liberate their motherland. They made the valiant effort but were not happy with the outcome brought out by circumstances far beyond their control. They sowed the seed of nationalism, which was nurtured to fruition by many fearless and brave soldiers of freedom movement. India was liberated by the dedication, commitment and sacrifices of freedom fight­ers like Gadarites.

The Gadar movement took place one hundred years ago. This book revisits the movement in its centennial year and takes a look at the main heroes of the move­ment. Every care has been taken to put across the most accurate information that is available. The book includes bio sketches of several people who were given death sentence or life imprisonment in various trials connected with the failed at­tempt to free India from the shackles of British slavery. It also includes some of those Gadarites who were incarcerated in American jails as a result of Hindu German Con­spiracy Trial.

Information on the Gadarites did not come easy. Several reference material was sifted through by me, including those available in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Sohan Singh Pooni’s Canada de Gadari Yodhe has been an excellent source. So too various publications and the photographic material provided in a CD format by the Desh Bhagat Yadar Committee, Jalandhar. A list of mate­rial referred has been cited in Appendix V.

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