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Our coverage on Luxembourg has only grown ...

Our coverage on Luxembourg has only grown in the past one year. In April 2019 we had featured an interview with the Luxembourg Ambassador to India H.E. Jean Claude Kugener on our cover. In all, the issue had 18 pages on Luxembourg. In a subsequent issue we carried an interview with Mr Antoine Clasen, Director General of the Bernard-Massard group in Luxembourg, and published other items. This time on our cover page are Mr Robert Scharfe, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) and Ms Julie Becker, Deputy CEO, LuxSE who is also the Founder of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX). They were in India in January 2020 to attend the Raisina Dialogue—a multilateral conference committed to addressing the most challenging issues facing the global community.

Indeed, the LGX is a unique stock exchange. Set up in 2016, it is a dedicated platform for green, social and sustainable securities. It aims to provide issuers, asset managers and investors with an environment for bonds and funds which are green, sustainable, and focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas. Issuers are committed towards a common goal based on voluntary and best practices in the markets as defined by the International Capital Market Association. In Europe, Poland was the first sovereign state to issue a green bond. Which means it was the first country to establish a direct link between the funds raised in the green bond and the way they are allocated to specific green projects. Poland was followed by France, Belgium and Ireland.

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