February 2020 \ Cover Story \ Cover: Global Business

Mr Robert Scharfe, Chief Executive Officer ...

  • Mr Robert Scharfe with Ms Julie Becker, Deputy CEO, LuxSE who is also the Founder of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)

Mr Robert Scharfe, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) and Ms Julie Becker, Deputy CEO, LuxSE and also the Founder of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), were in India in January to attend the Raisina Dialogue—a multilateral conference committed to addressing the most challenging issues facing the global community. During his interactions with them at the Embassy of Luxembourg, India Empire’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty, learnt how Luxembourg’s capital market investors are increasingly moving towards making choices that would lead to a more sustainable growth. That in turn would help create a better world

IE: Welcome to India. What specific issues are you looking at during your visit this time?

RS: Well in fact the concrete occasion is the Raisina Dialogue that has over the years managed to gather a lot of important people from across the political world as well as from civil society. One of the recurring themes in conferences around the globe these days is about how to create a better world and taking care of society at large, while continuing to grow our economies. During our stay in India we have been exposed to plenty of discussions on air quality. This is a subject that concerns almost everyone and needs to be addressed quickly not just by the Government and public authorities but also by greater involvement of the private sector. Funding and financing cannot just come from the Government, public effort and private initiatives need to be combined. We feel the Raisina Dialogue has been the perfect platform to pass on the message that capital markets have a role to play. We at LuxSE and LGX are certainly standing up for this shared global cause. Also, we are prepared to work hand-in-hand with partners in order to secure tangible outcomes for our efforts.