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Indian students’ intake in US colleges up in 2018: US Govt.

Only Indian students’ intake in the United States ...

By Sumit Kumar Singh

“Of these countries, only the number of students from India increased from 2017 to 2018 (+4,157). The number of students from China (-147) and Republic of Korea (South Korea) decreased (-6,403), Saudi Arabia (-10879) and Japan (-2134) over the same period,” the report said.

The report also stated that it is the Indian students who apply in maximum numbers for Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) optional practical training (OPT) extension. The non-immigrant students with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees from Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified and accredited US colleges and universities apply for a 24-month STEM OPT extension.

In 2017, a total 49,368 students from Indian applied for STEM (OPT) while 21,753 students from China applied for the same. In 2018, Indian students applying for STEM (OPT) increased by almost 30 percent. A total 70,521 Indian students applied for STEM (OPT) and 25,843 Chinese students applied for the same.