“Will boost Uttarakhand economy once lockdown ends”

Uttarakhand has been making all-out efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, with Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat leading from the front. The hill state has reported 48 cases so far, with no deaths. In an interview to IANS on a range of issues, Rawat said efforts have already been initiated to boost the state economy, and that the process will gain momentum once the lockdown ends. He said a ministerial group and high-powered committee will be constituted to gear up the state economy and generate jobs. Excerpts from interview: ...

By Navneet Mishra

Uttarakhand is a state where very few cases have been reported from other states. After all, what is this ‘Uttarakhand model’ of controlling the corona?

See, the fight against corona is a fight for the whole of humanity. We can all win only by uniting. This fight in the country is being fought under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Due to the right decisions taken by him at the right time, the pace of spread of corona in India has reduced. As far as Uttarakhand is concerned, I would like to thank the people of the state including all the corona warriors, with whose cooperation we have been successful in controlling it. Corona cases in Uttarakhand are doubling in 26.6 days. In this sense, Uttarakhand ranks third in preventing corona infection.

I am constantly monitoring ...we review daily with senior officials and are taking necessary decisions. Where deficiencies are seen, they are improved. The most important aspect of our strategy is public cooperation. I would like to congratulate our doctors and health workers that more than half of the 48 cases of corona infection have recovered and gone home. Even a 9-month-old baby was cured in only 6 days. We have not had a single death from coronavirus yet.