June 2020 \ Cover Story \ NAFED FEATURE
NAFED: The Turnaround Story

Fall and Rise of the Phoenix...

By Prof Ingita Jain, Dr Alok Jain & Ms Suman Maheshwari

NAFED has been rendering service to the farmers of India through Price Support and Outright Business Operations. It is one of the nodal agencies of the Govt. of India for procurement of oilseeds, pulses, copra and de-husked coconut under the Price Support Scheme (PSS). The profitability of Outright Business depends on the market forces which can yield a positive or negative outcome. The PSS business is on account of GOI where losses, if any, are reimbursed fully. However, the PSS is not a guaranteed business because it gets activated only when the prices fall below the Minimum Support Price (MSP) declared by the Govt. of India.

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