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Dhaka for peaceful coexistence with neighbours: PM Hasina

Bangladesh doesn’t prefer war and wants peace with all its neighbours ...

By Sumi Khan

She also said her government has formulated a perspective plan called “Forces Goal 2030” in light with the “Defence Policy” adopted by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1974 and started faster implementation to make the armed forces well prepared. The Prime Minister also said that Bangladesh has safeguarded its maritime boundary. She noted that Bangladesh has won the legal battle in the International Court of Justice, while maintaining friendly relations with neighbours India and Myanmar. The new corvette has been added to Bangladesh Navy fleet to increase its capacity to protect the maritime borders of Bangladesh, she said, while adding that her government has attached priority on protecting the sea areas and utilising its huge resources in Bangladesh’s economy. She also said that the Bangladesh Navy needs to be further strengthened with modern technology-based knowledge to protect the country’s vast sea area and its resources. Sheikh Hasina also renewed her call to the countrymen to follow the health codes as the best defence to fight coronavirus effectively. “Protect yourselves and your families from Covid-19 by maintaining the health directives properly,” she said.