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Letter to the Editor

The fear of the disease has caused more panic ...

Some of the facts regarding the recovery of COVID-19 cases in India:

a) The percentage of people who have died, from 1.3 billion people, will be about 0.01% which is much lesser than any other epidemic or any other country in the world. It is estimated that in India, out of 1.3 billion people, there are only 0.76 deaths per million. This needs to be highlighted by the media that the figure of 0.76 deaths/per million is amongst the lowest in the world as compared to approximately 630 deaths/million in Belgium, 503 deaths/million in Spain, 446 deaths/million in Italy, 317 deaths/million in UK and 171 deaths/million in USA.

b) Our recover rate and immunity is also amongst the highest in the world because of our extensive intake of Indian spices having medicinal values as per Ayurveda.

We, will greatly appreciate if in the larger national interest, you start giving positive stories and use your influence with the government to start international flights and economic activity and also spread the message that we all need to start living with Covid-19 observing all precautions and safety protocols.

Thanks & best regards,

Subhash Goyal

Chairman, Assocham Tourism and Hospitality Council

Hony. Secretary, Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality — FAITH