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Ni sa Bula Vinaka and Namaste

After 50 years of Fiji’s independence ...

The strength of our young developing nation lies in learning from its history, while its evolution and challenges still lie ahead in recognizing its full potential and strength in its Dynamic and Educated young Fijian population. Our Fiji – India relations go back to pre-independence days and during the British colonial error of Indentured labourers brought to Fiji under Girmit. The Girmit legacy remains as an important foundation of the rise of Fiji – India relationship. Our post-independence relationship, following the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries has thrived. Noteworthy is the reciprocal visit of both our Hon Prime Ministers and our bilateral engagement, which has further evolved with a regional pact of FIPIC. With the Geo economic focus shifting towards Asia Pacific region, Fiji is strategically positioned in the middle of the Pacific and will eventually have an important role to play in the Geopolitical front in the future. For all purposes and intentions, Fiji has strong diplomatic presence worldwide and looks forward to establishing new development partnerships. Since independence Fiji is quickly becoming a favourable & attractive destination for investment as well. Fiji offers many opportunities in the traditional economic sector as well as in rapidly growing sectors like ICT, BPO, Manufacturing, Tourism, Mining, Food Processing, Services and Resources – basic sectors to name a few. The next decade will bring added challenges for our nation building and our people will decide the course we chart as a nation. The Fijians will no doubt respond to these challenges as they have done in the past. With Fiji coming of age, it can look positively to the future in a spirit of mutual cooperation and national consensus which has been the hallmarks of our development as a dynamic and forward-looking nation

May God Bless Fiji.

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