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“We have a lot to offer to the Indian economy”

Head of the Gopio Suriname Chapter Mrs Drs Sharmila H. Ramadhin spoke to India Empire on issues ranging from the role of Surinamese Diaspora to how Suriname can become a hub for India in the Caribbean ...

  • Mrs Drs Sharmila H. Ramadhin, GOPIO Suriname

Interview with Mrs Drs Sharmila H. Ramadhin, GOPIO Suriname

Please tell us about yourself…we understand your ancestral families migrated to Suriname from India. Around which period would that be?

Sharmila is director of Management Improvements NV Consultancy (MI Consultancy). Sharmila has been working on executive level with many international companies, such as KPN Netherlands, and other Telecom companies in the Caribbean. She also worked as account director for the Dutch Governmental Infrastructure agency. Studying and working in a welfare country in Europe was normal and life was easy. It looked like everything in life was modern and at a higher standard. You don’t think about others’ welfare, because everyone in your network and family was doing well, had good jobs, earned enough money and together you could do nice things, enjoying life. She can be contacted on


Since she was born in Suriname she always had warm feelings for her place of birth. She believes that we take nature elements of the place of birth in our physical body during the birth. This means we always have a debt to this nature and people will always be attracted to their place of birth. With her international experience Sharmila lives and works in Suriname now and has her own Management Consultancy Company focused on performance improvement and facilitation of foreign companies in Suriname. Her background is Financial, but she developed a compassion to work with people and get them to improve to a higher level. She has an internal aim to help improve teams and organizations into higher levels. She always challenges them to improve their strategies and accomplish more with the same or even with less.