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Ekohum Bahusyam

The essence of Creation, that which is manifest and also ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

There are essentially six locks in the journey of the spirit, namely, those of food and shelter, sexual gratification, power and status, love and creativity. A layperson has awakening till only the first three levels, and doesn’t desire for anything beyond, he /she continues to do the same things over and over again as there is no desire or awakening of higher centers.

Here it is important to understand that one cannot continue doing the same things endlessly as nothing in Creation is constant, it either moves up or down. And if one is not going up, then he/she is definitely going down…to lower dimensions. The only way to reverse the journey is to find a Guru and to earn his/her grace by forwarding the Guru Karya. A Guru is always given a karya or task which he/has to perform towards Creation, without completing which he/she cannot go further. If you become instrumental in forwarding this karya, you earn his/her grace and unlock the first dimension. Then Guru gives you the mantra and gradually you move to the next.

These days Guru is normally confused with big buildings, hospitals, dance and music. On the contrary, Vedic shastras prescribe stillness, vairagya and mantra uccharan as traits of Guru only.

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