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By Yogi Ashwini

 The entire creation was brought into existence by Dhwani. It is the dhwani which is responsible for anything which is manifest and the unmanifest is what gave rise to dhwani. So the unmanifest gave rise to dhwani and dhwani constructed the entire manifested creation. So, even a human body was made by that dhwani. A certain kind of dhwani affects a certain part of the body. We feel that if we hear something we hear it from our ears or when we read we think that we are reading it through the eyes, but if you have noticed ever that if something is written in English and a few alphabets are missing from it then you won’t even notice that something is amiss. In the same way the dhwani has an effect on every part of the body. For instance, the effect of Shri Maha Mrityunjay mantra is directly on the nadis of the body. Any vicaar (imbalance) that develops in the body before coming into the body first goes to the nadis and from there it affects the body. So this mantra acts directly on the nadis and at that level only reduces the negative effect of the karmas somewhat or if the karmic effect is very less then it may even remove that completely. Like for instance, Shukracharya had Sanjeevni Vidya by which he could bring dead back to life. So that vidya had its first two basic parts as these two mantras only – Shri Savitri mantra and Shri Mahamrityunjay mantra. The rest of the parts have been lost, nobody knows what they were. But beings of that time had very strong bodies, beings of today are very weak and polluted so probably the complete vidya is not required at all, these two parts are good enough to bring awakening inside the body.

Most of you have spent a lot of years reading texts, listening to lectures, there is so much that you know but still searching. Why? Because what you are searching for, you won’t get it using the 5 indriyas (senses), those 5 senses cannot give you that. That ‘thing’ is revealed to you only when the 5 senses are closed, only then it comes to an awakened state. Even now it is inside you but it is in an inactive state and what is inactive you can’t experience. You will just keep reading more books, listening to lectures and the time will just keep passing and finally the time to leave will come and so all that will be of no use. So by reading something, hearing lectures or understanding with your mind will make no difference. Because you have already tried all these things out for many years now and you know how much an effect does a lecture have on you or how much do you understand it.. So even when I am talking don’t try and understand it, don’t get into the meaning of words if you go in their meaning then you will just keep going round and round right here, because any word which is spoken does not have one interpretation, it has different meanings at different levels, different dimensions. So the dhwani, from where it is sanchalit, the force of that is something which needs to be experienced and you experience it once you connect with it.

Words are a distraction. Whatever a person may keep understanding or saying does not matter because in the end the words also don’t last nor does the body.

Dhwani can be either out aloud (ahad shabd) or internal (anahad shabd) But that should not make any difference, you should experience either… not by 5 senses, but by closing them. What you see with your eyes and hear with your ears is bhram (illusion). What you see and understand when your senses are closed that is truth. Because what is present in every speck that is only what is called maya. As the sloka goes- Ya devi sarvbhuteshu Vishnu maya shabdita Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah. The goddess who resides in every microcosm, who is the swaroop of shakti, that energy Vishnu addresses as Maya.

And the one who is in every speck that is only making your 5 senses function also and these senses are your physical body, which you think yourself as. So in every speck of it Maya is present which is deluding you and this Maya which is deluding you is this body, this creation and the physical truth. But a Yogi, does not have to do anything with physical truth, he just wants to reach the complete truth (poorna satya) and you cannot reach there with your 5 senses open because they will keep deluding you.

The shakti of the body which is also called Aura, shakti of surya which is called its tej is not visible to the eyes. Those who show these to eyes they are fooling you, because drishti is swaroop of maya only. That is visible from some other indri and to open that indri you first have to do yog and to do yog you have to do a lot of hard work. Nothing is easy.

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