Grand Initiative

I would like to congratulate India Empire, especially the Editor Mr. Sayantan Chakravarty,

By Dr Avdesh Sharma
  • Dr Avdesh Sharma, International Lead, Public Education Initiatives, World Psychiatric Association

By Dr Avdesh Sharma

for being a partner of the ‘Public Education Initiative’ of the World Psychiatric Association. The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) is a global body of mental health professionals, especially psychiatrists, in about 130 countries representing their professional organizations consisting of 200,000 psychiatrists from all continents. WPA and India Empire would focus on Mental Health and Well Being Issues in each publication of India Empire on various aspects by eminent personalities from the field across the world.

Mind is the fulcrum on which life hinges as we experience the world through our minds. Thoughts, emotions, actions and relationships of human beings with themselves, others in society and the environment defines not only the health, wealth, happiness and peace in the world but the very existence of the world itself. While there have been strides in development on economic front; human potential and social justice should not get neglected.