"The way of the Saint is different from the way of the politician"

H.H. Ganivariye Shri Rajendra Vijayji Maharaj spoke to India Empire Editor Sayantan Chakravarty on a range of subjects

  • SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP: H.H. Ganivarye Rajendra Vijayji Maharaj in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Parliament

Interview with Spiritual Leader

When all karmic bondage is eliminated, the soul soars upwards to the border of cosmic space

—Tattavarth Sutra, Chapter 10, line 5

Spiritual practitioners stay away from politics. According to you what is the reason?

We understand that the biggest administration was at the time of Lord Adinath, the most popular Tirthankar, the first king. For Jains, the Tirthankara is an omniscient teacher who preaches dharma, the righteous path. At the time he appeared on earth, people did not know how to cook, eat and dress. So he was given responsibility to teach his subjects. He taught them spiritually, and made them grow inwards. So they revered him, trusted him, and reposed their confidence in him. His saintliness won them over. Today, if you notice, the greatest political leaders are at the feet of saints. In earlier times, the kings went to the saints for margdarshan, to be enlightened and shown the way. Saints would guide the kings. The saints lived among common people. They thought of every living creature, and how to create harmony on earth. The kings needed guidance from time to time, so they needed to visit saints. Similarly, today’s political leadership is in need of margdarshan. We are fortunate that we have a most eminent and capable Prime Minister like Narendra Modi ji. He respects saints and sainthood. The job of saints is not to aspire for positions and chairs. We believe in the order of Rishi, Krishi and Kursi (Saints, Peasants, Leaders).