October 2014 \ Interviews \ Cover Story—Indians in France
Muruganandam Mandjiny – Director of Zen Development Services Pondicherry

What are the services proposed by your company?

In addition to the PIO services (Meet Your Roots), we started consultancy services two years ago to assist French entrepreneurs in doing business with India. Acting as coordinators, we quickly realised that our clients were not well prepared on what is India.

The main misconception was that it is a cheap country and a huge market, thus they think that investment should be low and that income will come fast and great.

Of course, the cost of life is cheaper than in Europe and there is a growing population but can they all afford their products?

To tackle this issue, we now propose intercultural workshops where they can better understand the country, the society and how to work with Indian people.

A second service, which is mandatory when a client wants our assistance, is to review and adapt their strategy to the Indian context or at least to make sure that all the parameters have been taken into account. For example, if the budget has been calculated with the wrong assumptions about the costs, the project will not be financially viable.

Then come the market study, and the prospecting trip that we organize from the logistic to the meetings with the potential partners and visit of the sites.

In fact, we coordinate the project implementation in India with the different actors: auditors, lawyers, translators, IT companies, and any resourceful people.

In addition, our bimonthly letter called “En direct de Pondichéry” – means “Live from Pondicherry” gives some tips about business and updates about Indian economy.