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Dr Malay Mishra has served as Indian Ambassador ...


Dr Malay Mishra has served as Indian Ambassador to Hungary, HC in Trinidad and Tobago, and Seychelles. He has served in Mauritius, France, Iran, Germany and Washington DC and was the first joint secretary of diaspora services when the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs was set up.


Dr Jean Regis Ramsamy is a prominent historian, journalist and author in the Indian Francophone diaspora whose aspirations he’s long articulated at several world events including the PBD. He was president of this French department’s GOPIO chapter, and also spearheaded a campaign to build an Indian memorial in Reunion Islands.


Mr Ashook Ramsaran is the President of the Indian Diaspora Council. Of Indo-Guyanese origin and settled in New York, he has in the past been President of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) International. He is a Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee.


Lord Rami Ranger is Chairman of Sun Mark Ltd. His firm has been decorated with the Queen’s Export Excellence Award a record five times in a row—a British record. He is Chairman of the British Sikh Association, and has donated over a million pounds to the Conservative Party.


Dr Kamalanathan Sappani’s grandparents emigrated to Malaysia in the 1930s. He practiced in Malaysia’s Health Ministry. For two years he was Secretary, GOPIO International and built up an impressive network among PIOs across Asia-Pacific. He works to preserve Indic culture. His firm develops IT systems for excellence in patient care.


Drs Rajindre Tewari is Global Chairman, GOPIO’s Cultural Council, Secretary General, EU-India Council. As past Chairman of the Netherlands India Chamber he led trade missions to India. He is CEO of Mahler Emerging Markets Investment, Chairman of IEFP India Pvt. Ltd, and past chairman of Holland’s fourth largest pension fund.