October 2014 \ Cover Story \ Cover Story—Indians in France
When French Lawyers look after the Indian Market

  • Jean-Claude Beaujour

During his visit in India last July, Mr. Laurent FABIUS, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France, reiterated the strategic importance of the Indo-French relationship. He recognised that the bilateral trade remains behind its potential.

In 2013, the bilateral trade only reached 7.1 billion: the French exports amount was € 2.7 billion and French imports at € 4.4 bn. Today, more than 750 French subsidiaries are settled in India, employing about 240,000 people.

SMITH D’ORIA, a Paris based “boutique” law firm located in the heart of Paris, has been working with Indian clients for a long time. With its 15 lawyers in different field of expertise—corporate, contract, tax, cross borders, employment, commercial litigation, real property and public affairs, SMITH D’ORIA has a significant international experience and is about to develop its activities in India.

Partner at SMITH D’ORIA and member of the board of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA"), an international of business lawyers organization who has a strong interest in the Asia-Pacific Region, Jean-Claude BEAUJOUR, a University College London graduate has been travelling and working with Asia for 30 years.

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